The Coffeehouse and Cold Brew Bar is a neighbor-centric gathering place serving clean, handcrafted food and beverages with empathy and edge.

We’re impacting the world by radically serving our neighborhoods high-quality goods in unprecedented and honest ways.

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[cold brew]


serve local. impact global.

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Nitro Matcha Latte

ceremonial grade matcha, whole milk, lightly sweetened

Nitro Earl Grey Latte

earl grey tea, whole milk, vanilla bean

Cascara Cream Soda

cold-brewed cascara, grapefruit, vanilla, cardamom

Sparkling Yuzu Green Tea

cold-brewed Chinese Lu Bao, yuzu juice, lightly sweetened

Sparkling Hibiscus Berry

cold-brewed hibiscus berry tea


Chipotle Apple Avocado Toast

gala apples, avocado, chipotle, roasted pumpkin seeds, black urfa chili flakes

Overnight Oats

rolled oats, chia seeds, blueberries, vanilla, lemon zest

Korean Pork Sliders

two Hawaiian rolls, Korean style pulled pork, house pickled red onions, gochujang aioli



we are different.

We are in the business of impact. It is the most important thing we strive to make. From the start of a customer’s morning to the end of a farmer’s day, this is how we are measured.

Our farmers aren’t suppliers — they’re people. And what they cultivate isn’t a commodity — it’s a livelihood. It’s not just a supply chain, it’s a chain of values that guides everything we do. Integrity leads to transparency. Transparency to prosperity. And prosperity to quality. It’s a purposefully crafted product and process where all of us — from farmer to customer — thrive.

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